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2012-07-14 03:31:57 by Killa5o9 eferral=2554625&utm_campaign=email

Hello everyone! I have a new remix available on youtube! Its a funk house mix of Rarity's song "Becoming Popular". Go out and give it a listen, all five of you!

New Song

2012-01-21 23:23:44 by Killa5o9

New song posted. Put some heavy effort in it. enjoy


2010-06-08 01:08:15 by Killa5o9

Well its summer, so I naturally have more free time.
Songs should be coming more and more, and other shiz like that.
Not much to talk about, except for the fact that i'm awesome. 8)


2009-08-19 15:42:53 by Killa5o9

Absolutely Nothing! :D

New Songs

2009-06-05 20:33:20 by Killa5o9

Hello anyone again who happens to stumble onto my page!
I just want to point out some new songs, and some remixes, also, a little bit of WIPS :D.
Hopefully you like these songs and give good reviews!


Apocalypse Night-v2 (Remake of original)
Devilica Angelica
Apocalypse Day
Sunrise -<(FINAL)>-
Apocalypse Day
Apocalypse End
Mortal Kombat DnB loop
Lowly Sun
Blue sky, White Clouds


(no name ready)- a 3/4 time Trance song.

Hello everyone!

2008-06-18 13:05:37 by Killa5o9

Hello everyone (who happens to stumble apon my page) im new to Newgrounds and ill say this,
ITS AWSOME! Theres everything i need here! Music, Games, and a great community!